SunTek Infinity DS Home Tint

SunTek Infinity DS is a line of metallic, sputtered window films designed for both home and office applications. These films are known for their natural and elegant appearance, making them a versatile choice for various decor styles.

Key Product Details:

  • Type: Metallic sputtered film.
  • Usage: Ideal for home or office tinting.
  • Color: Neutral, to maintain a clear and undistorted view.
  • Price Category: Represented by $$$$ indicating a premium pricing tier.
  • Availability: Yes, these films are readily available.
  • Warranty: Lifetime warranty is provided, covering color stability. Note that the warranty is not transferable.

Performance Specifications for Different Shades:

  • Infinity DS 50
    • Visible Light Transmission: 49%
    • Solar Energy Rejection: 44%
    • Visible Light Reflected: 12%
    • UV Rejection: 99%
  • Infinity DS 35
    • Visible Light Transmission: 40%
    • Solar Energy Rejection: 53%
    • Visible Light Reflected: 17%
    • UV Rejection: 99%
  • Infinity DS 20
    • Visible Light Transmission: 23%
    • Solar Energy Rejection: 65%
    • Visible Light Reflected: 28%
    • UV Rejection: 99%

These films provide excellent UV protection while reducing solar heat gain, making them effective for enhancing indoor comfort and protecting interior furnishings from sun damage. The various shades available allow for customization based on desired light transmission and solar protection levels.

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