SunTek DRmirror (Dual-Reflective Mirror)

The information available for the SunTek DRmirror (Dual-Reflective Mirror) series of window films includes detailed specifications for different product models within this series.

These products are part of the dual-reflective series, which are designed to provide significant solar heat reduction while maintaining low interior reflectivity, enhancing visual comfort and privacy. This makes them suitable for both residential and commercial applications where reducing glare and protecting interiors from UV light are important.

Here are some key details for each variant:

DRmirror Series Specifications

  • DRDS 35
    • Visible Light Transmission: 36%
    • Solar Energy Rejection: 50%
    • Visible Light Reflected: 10%
    • UV Rejection: 98%
  • DRDS 25
    • Visible Light Transmission: 26%
    • Solar Energy Rejection: 57%
    • Visible Light Reflected: 9%
    • UV Rejection: 98%
  • DRDS 15
    • Visible Light Transmission: 15%
    • Solar Energy Rejection: 71%
    • Visible Light Reflected: 12%
    • UV Rejection: 98%

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